Seminars and Workshops

QEC's role in organizing seminars and workshops at both the main campus and affiliated colleges.

Online Evaluation

QEC's role is Conduct the online evaluation for all students of both the main campus and affiliated colleges


QECAC (Quality Enhancement Cell in affiliated colleges) has been established in all affiliated colleges of PUMHSW

Self Assessment Reports (SARs)

Self Assessment Reports (SARs) are conducted in both the main campus and affiliated colleges

About QEC

QEC Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision of QEC

Our vision is imparting better education, managing high quality health care services to the public in its teaching hospitals, arranging continuous professional development of all categories of health care providers, encouraging and arranging extensive research and publications, holding examinations and awarding degrees, in the field of medical and health sciences, and to keep high academic standards up to the national and International level.

Mission of QEC

1. To keep and improve medical education, standards up to the International level.
2. To fulfill deficiency of skilled manpower in the field of Basic Medical Science.
3. To fulfill deficiency of skilled manpower in the field of Para-medical Science.
4. To fulfill deficiency of skilled manpower in the field of Clinical Science.
5. To meet the provision of skilled manpower in the field of Health Science.
6. To make provision for research and services to society.
7. To improve the health of women & children.
8. To make the provision of human resource development in all the Medical and Health Science areas.

Objectives of QEC

1.To instill scientific, objective based education and play a creative role in response to emerging professional challenges towards Medical, health and the community.
2.To ensure quality education at the University under the sunshade of Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission.
3.To Identify and rectify the gaps hampering informing quality education.
4.To develop the capacity of the faculty members according to the modern developments.
5.To establish the standard parameters for quality education, training, assessment and evaluation.
6.To identify the modern tools in teaching and research and incorporating in education system as and when needed.


QEC Evaluation Categories

QEC Work

QEC Functions

Self Assessment Reports (SARs)
University Portfolio Report


Prof: Dr. Gulshan Ali Memon
Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Qurban Ali Rahu
Dr. Farheen Shaikh (Associate Professor)
Director QEC
Mr. Raheel Noor Chandio
Deputy Director QEC

Quality Enhancement Cell in affiliated colleges