Alumni Survey

Name (Optional) Name of organization
Position in organization Year of graduation

1. Knowledge

Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
1.Humanities and professional discipline, ( if applicable )
2.Problem formulation and solving skills
3.Collecting and analyzing appropriate data.
4.Ability to link theory to practice.
5.Ability to design a system component of process
6.IT Knowledge

2.  Communications Skills

1.Oral communication  
2.Report writing
3.Presentation     .

3. Interpersonal Skills

1.Ability to work in teams.
2.Ability to work in arduous / Challenging situation
3.Independent thinking .
4.Appreciation of ethical Values.

4.Management / Leadership Skills

1.Resource and Time management skills
3.Discipline     .
    • 5.General Comments
    6.Career Opportunities
7.Department Status Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
a Infrastructure
c.Repute at National level
b.Repute at international level