Teacher Evaluation Form

Department Course No
Course Title Teacher Name
Year of Study Semester/Term
Instructor Strongly
Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly
1. The Instructor is prepared for each class
2. The Instructor demonstrates knowledge of the subject
3. The Instructor has completed the whole course
4. The Instructor provides additional material apart from the textbook
5. The Instructor gives citations regarding current situations with reference to Pakistani context.
6. The Instructor communicates the subject matter effectively
7. The Instructor shows respect towards students and encourages class participation
8. The Instructor maintains an environment that is conducive to learning
9. The Instructor arrives on time
10. The Instructor leaves on time
11. The Instructor is fair in examination
12. The Instructor returns the graded scripts etc, in a reasonable amount of time
13. The Instructor was available during the specified office hours and for after class consultations
Course Strongly
Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly
14. The Subject matter presented in the course has increased your knowledge of the subject
15. The syllabus clearly states course objectives requirements, procedures and grading criteria
16. The course integrates theoretical course concepts with real-world applications
17. The assignments and exams covered the materials presented in the course
18. The course material is modern and updated