There is always room for improvement for the quality of education. In this changing of existing situation for any Higher Education Institution we have to keep our standards of educational programs up to national and international levels. To achieve these standards and levels, we have to work very hard to keep maintaining such standards. I must emphasize here the importance of team work and involvement of all the stakeholders at the whole institutional level to keep the quality values high of our educational programs so that tomorrow our graduates and post graduates feel proud of getting qualified of this university.
The purpose of establishing Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at PUMHS is to provide quality education by presenting a quality profile of our Institution. This QEC has now started a systematic ongoing process of assessment of student learning outcomes. In this process we need to determine what we are doing well and that we must improve. Although we have started this process at PUMHS but it is very long to go to arrive at the destination of maintaining such high quality standards and this is our first step in this regard. I am very much confident that by time passing we move forward in this process

PUMHSW Nawabshah SBA